Thursday, 19 August 2010

So much for modern technology!

I went to visit someone in hospital yesteday. On the way in I overheard someone on a mobile phone explaining how iatrogenic disease had affected the person they knew - they were complaining about problems caused by medical intervention. On the way out I heard someone else on a mobile phone who was upset because something had been left too long and now something else had to be done. I think you could soon write a book if you listened to conversations outside hospitals.

Very soon after this I met someone I knew and they had tried to phone the hospital to find out the name of the ward where they would find their friend who had been admitted two days earlier. They phoned one ward (A) and was told that he had moved to an assessment unit (B). They phoned this unit to be told he had moved to another ward (C). This ward said he was on another ward (D). This ward said he was back in the previous ward (C). In fact he was in ward D. I used letters and have not given the name of the hospital in order to protect the guilty but I don't think any ward in any hospital would be much different. So much for modern technology!

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