Friday, 6 August 2010

Naive and ignorant

Does Naomi Campbell's testimony irritate you as much as it irritates me? She says that she gets gifts at all hours of the day and doesn't know who gives them. This is the same person who is so protective of her privacy that she doesn't want to be photographed as she enters and leaves court. I simply can't believe that if I send her a token gift to be delivered at 4am that she would accept it (don't worry I won't be sending anything). Can you believe that she thought that she was accepting "dirty stones"?

She also said that she didn't want to give testimony in a war crimes trial! She couldn't be bothered about justice being done when she has a direct bearing on it. I would say that she was naive and ignorant (in a polite sense) but I really don't think she is, and there are many aspects of her testimony that are outrageous.

You may agree with Naomi and not recognise bags of diamonds, be welcoming of gifts of dirty stones at all hours, and consider this an unimportant trial. Compare that with the months of harrowing testimony from the victims of the Sierra Leone civil war and you may choose to disagree with her.

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  1. I'd be extremely suspicious if someone sent me "dirty stones" as a gift. I love semiprecious crystals...but if the sender was unknown...I am sure I would treat with caution.