Monday, 30 August 2010


I have been politically active for over thirty years and I remember two occasions which motivated me to increase my political activity. The first was in the 1980s when I was delivering leaflets on election day. I had been taught to always fully post leaflets but I had not told another activist who was working with me. Around 10am I was handed around 30 leaflets by a Labour supporter and given the story that he had picked them up as litter. I never managed to thank him but the loss of these leaflets motivated me for quite a few years.

Around five years ago another Labour supporter tore up my leaflet in front of me. I still put in extra effort because of this. If you have been following my blogs then you will know that a UKIP supporter has been criticising my blogs. You will also know that this person has used profanity but I have not mentioned that he or she also feels that the number of followers for my blog is a source of merriment. It sounds to me like they have lost the argument and they have also managed to increase my motivation.

I didn't manage to thank the other two people but if you are reading this Anonymous, thank you.

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  1. Well done Mike. A seasoned campainer should not be discourage by such puerile behaviour or comments. I trust your campaining will go from strenth to strenth and long may your views and opinions be honest and controversial.