Thursday, 26 August 2010

Causeway warnings

Sunderland Point was in the news a couple of days ago because a car was stuck on the causeway. The passengers were rescued by helicopter but in the past many drivers have been rescued by local boat owners. It is nice to know that helicopters are available, especially as Morecambe Bay is notorious for its dangerous tides but it made me wonder how we could avoid cars getting stuck.

They have improved safety on the Ile de RĂ© causeway in France by building a bridge. Even before they built it they had a barrier on their road. It can't have been good enough as every so often there are posts with ladders for the stranded to take refuge. I suppose it was a little like level-crossings that don't have full barriers. You always get some drivers who feel they can get past obstacles within the safety margins built into the system.

I am always really careful when I cross a causeway. Earlier this year I visited Lindisfarne. I was looking for water every few yards. When you cross to Sunderland Point there is a sign that tells you to go no further if there is water at that post. It was raining the first time I crossed it and there was a pool of water at the foot of the post. Perhaps warnings need to be more sophisticated.

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