Saturday, 30 October 2010

A benefits tax

One of the problems of the capitalist system is that we are seeing companies leaving this country and leaving the EC. There are lots of examples where production has been taken out of the country and this has caused many of the workers to sign on. Manufacturing industry is collapsing in this country and it is almost inevitable that the loss of jobs will mean higher costs in benefits. The owners of the company remain the same and they move the company out of the country purely to maintain or increase profit. So the owners do well but the workers lose out - and so does the country.

How do we get round this? How do we limit the loss of manufacturing industry to abroad? The simple answer is we can't. Owners have the freedom to move out if they so wish. What we can do is work on how we deal with their product if they wish to sell it in this country. A simple benefits tax on these products will go some way to repay the nation for the mobility (that's politer than greed) of the company.

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