Monday, 4 October 2010

Broadway Speed Limit

I have written before about the 40mph speed limit on Broadway in Morecambe. We surveyed all the houses and came to the conclusion that it should be 30mph. This was years ago and the limit changed to 30mph this week. In this blog I don't want to discuss the reasons behind the lowering of the limit but the communication that goes with it as we don't know the Labour or the Conservative view because they haven't told us. The County Councillor has stayed out of the discussion as far as we know, and I live on Broadway.

The limit changed last Tuesday, well at least the signs told us that a new speed limit was in operation. It wasn't till the next day that we lost the 40mph signs. This is a minor problem but one that is easily solved for future speed limit changes. The major problem is that the authorities did not ask for any views and did not let anyone know how or why they came to their decision.

Now if they want to take up another finding from the survey, we do need a roundabout at the junction of Broadway with the promenade.

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  1. I agree about the roundabout.
    A colleeague is now off work. He was driving from home to work along the prom, and someone came out of Broadway, rammed his car, wrote it off, and put the colleague off work for a month, with bruising, whiplash, etc. I say rammed, as the prom has right of way there, and when you are driving a bright red car, the person pulling out can't possibly say they didn't see you approaching!

  2. Thanks for your comment Sea. It's a sad indictment of our traffic management that accidents are the only way of getting anything done, so something good may come out of those injuries. It is less important that drivers avoid this junction at certain times of the day as it takes so long to get through it.

    Road safety is really important. Half of those surveyed knew of accidents and wanted a lowering of the limit. Half didn't know of accidents and didn't want the speed limit changing. It won't help at the junction though because it is thirty anyway.