Sunday, 10 October 2010

People in glass houses

There has been much talk of the crowds at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. How can it be so badly organised? Our athletes, those that have made the journey and not been put off by any threat to health, better offers from other games or lack of facilities, need the crowds to spur them to greater things.

And then I thought of our Commonwealth Games in Manchester. I was really pleased by the volunteers. They opened doors for the spectators, gave directions and had other roles too numerous to mention. There was one problem with the two events that I went to. There were no spectators.

Whenever I hear about criticisms of the lack of numbers in Delhi I think back to the rugby sevens and particulaly the badminton in Bolton. I didn't follow any crowds to get into the arena and I could sit anywhere I wished and follow any of the games that were being played. Let's be careful about our criticisms because Manchester was not that long ago.

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