Saturday, 9 October 2010

Not an example of democracy

We had a by-election on Thursday in Lancaster and I went to the count. There are a few points I would like to make but I'll stick to one. The number of votes cast was 608. You may or may not be impressed with this but the stunning statistic is that this was 12% of the vote. What sort of mandate is this? We cannot get one person in eight to go and vote and this is with all the resources of a by-election.

With four candidates it is possible to win with just over 3% of the electorate behind you. I don't know how you define democracy but this isn't it. If anyone wants an argument as to why we need to change the system then feel free to use this election.

Change the world.


  1. This was only about the second timke since I have been el;igible to vote and haven't, was too ill with a chest infection. The turn out was terrible, if only 12% turned out.

  2. There will be some with good reasons why they didn't vote (I hope you are well now Sea) but when we get figures that are so low it really does come down to whether you can get friends and relatives voting for you.