Friday, 1 October 2010

Apathy or ignorance

There is a by-election in Lancaster next week. It is for a ward in Morecambe and yesterday I was helping to deliver leaflets. We also spoke with some residents but the moment that stands out for me is being handed back a leaflet with the comment that it could be useful for someone else to read. What was the reason for this? Political apathy is my best guess although it may be that there is a commitment to another party or individual and this person was doing what she thought was the correct and polite thing to do. If the latter is the case then we need to let everyone know that they should only vote one way if they know about the others. How else can you know you are voting the right way?

Apathy dominates but there is a significant minority who can be bothered to vote. How do we influence anyone to vote. Well I suppose headlines help and we have a political party called Morecambe Bay Independents who feel that they are above party politics. They were successful in 2009 at a time when party politicians were not popular. Since then they have shown all the bad habits of the worst parties and I have documented that this has cost Morecambe a lot in financial and political terms.

They are at it again. "Sick of Party Politics" is possibly the one headline that voters will remember from their leaflet. What a shame that these party politicians continue to do a disservice to any member of a serious political party - one that has an interest in all levels of the political world.

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