Saturday, 16 October 2010

Local Newspapers

I am a couple of days late buying my Wednesday local paper and when I glanced through it I saw that my letter had not been printed. Regular readers will know that for the first time in my life I am engaging in a correspondence battle with the Labour Party. When I say "battle" it isn't a conventional battle. It's the sort of battle in which you could fall asleep.

A Labour supporter wrote about the damages caused by cuts in the public purse. I wrote back saying that cuts were inevitable and that's when the miracle happened - I got a reply. I always thought this would be an exciting time as I duly wrote back. Another Labour Party member wrote in questioning the amount of debt in the country. I replied again. Well I did get my name mentioned again.

The trouble is my reply was three weeks ago and it's still not in the paper. My previous two letters took three weeks to be published and if I am getting bored waiting for the next letter imagine how everyone else must feel.

Compare that to a blog in which comments may be submitted immediately. Although local newspapers have been protected from the decline in sales seen in our nationals, it is not hard to see their demise as other media replace them.

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  1. Thats interesting you buy the Masons Gazette Michael?

    The location of the Visitor Office is also interesting - directly opposite Morecambe's Masonic lodge.

    Research/study into the history of The Visitor reveals some interesting facts.

    Michael could you or your associates inform us of:-

    1. the year the title "The Visitor" was changed to the colour red?

    2. who the editor of the Visitor was when this occured?

    3. who the previous employer was of this editor?

    4. when and what award did this editor collect from royalty for services to journalism?

    5. the name of the organisation who now employs
    this former Visitor editor?

    6. the location of the offices of this company
    and who owns the building?

    7. the name of the MD who runs this company?

    8. the name of the Lancaster political party this MD was active in and was secretary in?

    "it is not hard to see their demise as other media replace them"

    What media in the Morecambe area would you be refering to Michael? (any website links much appreciated)

  2. I would guess that you have all the answers yourself which makes me wonder why you are anonymous as you are obviously a supporter of overt politics.

    I'll try to deal with your points but my knowledge is limited. Firstly I have no knowledge of the masonic link with the paper. Secondly who are my associates? Could you tell me who to ask? If you know this then you know your answer already so this begs the question why you are asking me.

    You make eight points and I am sure you know the answers so why not tell me rather than ask questions. I prefer to write on my own agenda not yours but you are welcome to make your own comments.

    Finally, I was not thinking of any particular website but you are welcome to include my blog.