Friday, 8 October 2010

Do you know your GP?

I took someone to the GP yesterday. The surgery was in the centre of Lancaster but it could have been any major town or city because the problem was trying to park. I was lucky but you aren't allowed to drop people off outside the door so there will be some patients who call out the doctor simply because of this difficulty.

There has been talk of building a new surgery which would combine three large practices. The problem with this is the GPs would have combined lists of patients. The chances of seeing the same GP twice would be greatly diminished. I haven't met anyone who doesn't see this as a priority. If you have to go to your GP three times for the same condition the last thing you want to do is explain the situation in full three times. There is also a relationship that needs time to develop between doctor and patient. Regardless of improvements in buildings and services provided in surgeries, there should be an emphasis on knowing the GP.

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