Sunday, 31 October 2010

Congestion in Morecambe and Paris

I have just returned from France. What should have been a ten-day break became seven because of a French tradition called striking and this meant that a petrol shortage would mean that I couldn't drive through the country. As it happens it was fairly easy to get from A to B so this is today's blog - why is it easier to drive through France when it is on strike than Britain when it isn't?

Have you seen the way they drive around the Arc de Triomphe? Well I wasn't bold enough to drive here but I was walking and traffic was moving fairly easily. I did take on the peripherique of Paris and it did get busy at times, but never as busy as the usual traffic between Morecambe and Lancaster.

Let's hope that whoever makes the decision about the building of Morecame's link round appreciates the general level of congestion.

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