Friday, 22 October 2010

Interest in David Kelly's death

On the 23rd August I wrote about Dr David Kelly. My main concern at the time was that there was an embargo on the findings from Lord Hutton's investigation into the cause of Dr Kelly's death. Well the news today is that we will discover the reasons behind his death in the near future rather than the original plan to leave it for seventy years.

Some doctors say you can't kill yourself by cutting the ulnar artery (the most difficult of the wrist arteries to get to if you are trying to kill yourself) and others say it is a "textbook" method.

I don't know how Dr Kelly died but I am interested to find out. What is particularly intriguing is not whether you can die from blood loss from slashing your wrist, I suspect you can given the right (should that be wrong) circustances, but what is so horrific about this information that it should be kept quiet for seventy years. It sounds like there should be a lot of interest in this disclosure even if it just means that we live in a state that keeps routine information under lock and key.

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P.S. The "secret" evidence has been published and there is still doubt about the results. They are important but I am in no position to contest them. However, I have seen nothing that would shock any relative. Why were these secrets to be kept for seventy years? What sort of state are we living in? There are false and hurtful allegations plastered all over our tabloid press and corrections and apologies are placed in the middle of the paper (if at all) some time later. It is really good to see these documents made public. All I need now is an explanation fo why they were private.

P.P.S. According to tonight's BBC news. the family always believed he committed suicide. That's unusual most families would find this difficult to accept. Michael Gaunt, a consultant vascular surgeon was interviewed and he told us that Dr Hunt was the only person to examine the body in detail and his conclusion was that the blood loss was sufficient to be the cause of death. The more I hear the more I wonder what is going on. We are talking about the death of someone who upset quite a few people in government and there is only one person who knows what actually happened. I don't think I will be the only one to spot these strange findings.

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