Monday, 11 October 2010

Lost Land of the Tigers

If you are following the television programme The Lost Land of the Tiger, you will have seen that Professor George McGavin became quite emotional after seeing photos of tigers that have been killed for the Chinese medicine market. Shortly after this we saw the remains of a yak which had been killed by a tiger. Two thirds of the yak had been devoured and a puncture hole the size of your fist was seen in the beast's neck. There was no word as to how the yak herder felt and I don't suppose the yak was too happy about it. However emotion is important if we want to change anything and the brutality of a tiger's kill should not be confused with that of the human hunter.

Nature is brutal but man should be above brutality. It isn't that we have to kill animals as we must do this for all sorts of reasons. The problem is that there are only 5000 or so tigers left, and it has to be one of the most endangered animals on Earth. Yaks are common. When you also consider that just about every regulatory body of Chinese medicine has repeatedly and vociferously denounced use of tiger parts for medicine, perhaps we should all get a little more emotional.

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