Saturday, 23 October 2010

Scientific doubt

Following on from yesterday's blog, we rely on our scientists to give us information. Sometimes this information is contested and we believe the scientist that we want to believe. In the case of Dr David Kelly this information was cloaked in secrecy. It was like the government was wanting us to believe scientific evidence but not give us the evidence.

Recently Stephen Hawking, Britain's most famous physicist told us that there was no place for God in the creation of the universe. This was countered, among others. by another physicist Professor Brian Foster from Oxford Univesity. Our academic experts become experts because they investigate a small part of our knowledge. By definition they cannot be experts in all aspects.

Going back to the death of Dr Kelly, the only people who can contest the results are those who have the information. I thought the ulnar artery had been cut and this was more likely to be from a defensive manoeuvre rather than an attempt at suicide. I have already written about some of my misgivings in August. I'll look forward to reading more of the explanation.

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