Thursday, 30 September 2010

Raw wounds at Labour's conference

I have been listening to the Labour Party conference in Manchester. I have heard guest speakers and the leader's speech or two. I have heard reports presented to conference. I have even heard the mention of debates but I haven't heard one speaker contradict another and I have only heard the result of one vote. How do they conduct debates? Incidentally the vote was 59,000 and something versus 24,000 and something so I am guessing it was nothing to do with conference. I did hear that one debate will be continued today but they use the word debate in a way that is strange to me. I think they mean rallying speech.

One guest speaker was from Denmark. it was Helle Thorning-Schmidt the leader of the Danish Social Democrats and she spoke about winning the leadership of her party. It was a difficult time for her and the party but their wounds were healed because the person who came second is now a close friend and ally. I wonder if she knew what she was saying as the wounds are a little raw for the Labour Party. Still there is hope by the sounds of it if David comes back to the fold.

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P.S. I guessed that David would make headlines (see yesterday's blog) and he did and now he is a backbencher behind the closed door of his home in London. At least he is willing to do everything he can for his constituents in South Shields as he is a "proud member of parliament" for this constituency.

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