Monday, 27 September 2010

An example of a fair election

I was walking in Lancaster yesterday and I passed a couple who were talking politics. I only heard a couple of sentences but the man was saying that the leadership of Ed Miliband meant that Labour was moving to the left. He mentioned David Cameron and a movement to the right. I think he was saying there were definite differences between Labour and Conservatives. I don't really mind what he was saying as it was really good to hear politics being spoken about in the street.

The election does bring into question the methods of voting. One member one vote is obviously not good enough for the Labour Party to elect its leader. Ed has been elected but it is only because of a swing from the union vote. What sort of message is this to those he has to lead at Westminster? What sort of message is this to party members? Most of all what is this saying about Labour's links with the unions? How does the new leader show his gratitude to that part of the party that put him where he is?

There are so many failings highlighted by this election. The unions poured money into Ed's campaign. Hardly a great example of a fair election and Ed defended this by saying that it was not relevant because Tony Blair won the leadership contest without union endorsement. That's ridiculous! The system isn't fair but it's alright because sometimes the underdog wins!

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  1. MPs, MEPs and members made up more of his 51% than the unions. If you don't like the idea of working oiks being involved in a party set up for working people then that's your business- don't throw words like "fair" around though when you evidently don't know what they mean.

    It's okay for business to back David. But working people should know their place and not get involved in the process, is that right?

  2. Sorry for using the word "fair" Anonymous. I was paraphrasing Andy Burnham at the time. I have a lot of time for most people within the Labour Party - except for those who throw insults around.