Thursday, 23 September 2010

Row continues

This week in the local paper the "bullying" row continues (see blogs on 10th and 15th Sept). We read that the cost of investigating the allegation that the town clerk was bullied amounted to £17,000. More support to criticise the councillor who raised the concerns? Of course, but this week her supporters get more coverage. In fact she was "fully justified" in her complaint.

If I were on her side I would agree that she was justified and the money didn't matter and shouldn't matter if anything like were to happen in the future. If my tent were in the other camp I would be highlighting the huge waste of money. There are lots of ways I could spend this amount of money. It's a pity the tax payer is caught in the middle.

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  1. If the investigation has cost ratepayers £17k where can citizens read it?

    Also I'd like to hear from the person who allegedly was on the receiving end of the bullying, the former Town Clerk, Miss Errington.

  2. I have given a summary of the investigation (and didn't charge a penny) and we must assume that Miss Errington feels that she was bullied otherwise we are descendng into farce.