Friday, 17 September 2010

Technology helps memory

I went to see 1984 at The Duke's Theatre in Lancaster yesterday. I'm sure you know the story but I did think about the ways George Orwell's vision has come true. Look up in any town and you will see CCTV. We are being watched continuosly. Maybe we are all observed to a much greater extent than in the story, but at least in the story they knew they were being watched and Winston Smith found a little corner of his room where he could hide. We don't think about how many cameras we pass when we leave our houses.

The main aspect of Winston's work is to change history. It may be argued that it is more difficult now to change history because of technological advances. Winston is challenged (tortured) to say that two plus two equals five. Two plus two equals four but in the social sciences results have to be interpreted. It happens all the time and as I was watching Question Time I heard that Liberal Democrats did not vote for cuts in public services. If you take a look at you will hear about cuts and where they should be.

Change the world


  1. Interesting, am going to link to this post on my blog, in a light-hearted comment.