Saturday, 4 September 2010

Two of Cyril's jokes

I was sorry to hear of the death of Cyril Smith yesterday. I have been active in politics all my life and I heard Cyril speak three or four times. I never heard him say anything with which I disagreed and I was able to tell him this a few years ago. He was respected by almost everyone. In fact I was speaking about him two days ago to someone who was from Rochdale and she had only good memories of him. I say almost everyone because I wrote a blog last November about a former Labour supporter who thought he had been parachuted in to Rochdale. He hadn't been, but I had been told this error with conviction. The conviction was ill-founded.

On the news yesterday I was told that Cyril's political dream started with the Labour Party. It hadn't but it must have sounded good to the reporter and it was said with conviction. Many will believe it and as I see the former Labour supporter occasionally I may get the BBC interpretation of Cyril's political history passed back to me.

I did hear Cyril say that if you showed him the fence he would sit on it. I also heard him refute the claim that the Liberal Party could hold meetings in a taxi - well they couldn't after Cyril was elected.

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