Saturday, 25 September 2010

Heckling Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson was reporting from Manchester yesterday on the eve of the Labour Party conference. This afternoon we will learn the name of the new leader of the party and Nick was telling us about the contenders. It is now looking like Ed Miliband is going to win but whether he does or he doesn't the thing that struck me was a heckle (or three) from a drunken passerby.

Nick managed to complete his report very professionally despite the repeated interruption and even concluded with a sentence to the effect that the announcement of the leader may attract the attention of the heckler.

More important than the professionalism of Nick Robinson is that members of the public still have the ability to disrupt outside broadcasts. It gave me a smile, made me concentrate on what Nick had to say and understand that not everything in our lives is totally regimented.

Change the world (but keep the ability to heckle)

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