Monday, 13 September 2010

Jeremy Clarkson's Influence

I recently wrote about our attitude to alcohol and if we are to get the message across about the harm caused by its misuse then we have to win over the hearts and minds of those who portray it in the media. The same is true of many aspects of life. Are we to preserve the earth's resources and follow environmentally friendly policies? How does this link with programmes like Top Gear.

I saw part of a Top Gear programme yesterday. It is not a programme that I usually watch but I thought that Jeremy Clarkson was acting like a child with a toy. He was being fired at by soldiers (with lasers) as he drove through a mock town. I really don't think we have a chance when we try to put over health or environmentally friendly polices until we get people like Jeremy Clarkson doing their part. The environment is the last thing on his mind and the problem is that he has great influence.

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  1. The problem is that he has influenced people who use crude language. Anonymous, if you wish to re-write your comment in a polite way I would publish it.