Monday, 20 September 2010

The polite face of English football

American Football has a lot to teach us. It does help if your team are winning, and as I write this blog my team, the New York Jets are winning going into the final stages of their match against the New England Patriots.

I have seen technology being used to correct a decision made on the field of play. That's good on its own but the reaction from the commentators was an explanation as to why the error was made. They don't criticise their decision makers in the way we do in England. Whether you have the help of technology or not it is important that we treat our referees well.

What American sport teaches us, apart from the entertainment value, is that we need discipline in life. We can learn about team work or gain leadership skills. There are so many benefits from involvement in sport but what we learn from English football is how to criticise and complain - and this is the polite face of English football.

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