Friday, 24 September 2010

Guns breed gun crime

There was a traumatic news item on television yesterday. I know that most news is bad (and traumatic) but I am referring to the footage of the police video of Mark Saunders. He was the barrister who was shot dead by police officers. It's not a nice subject but I think it served a useful purpose. You heard the negotiations that were going on at the time. You saw Mr Saunder's behaviour. All barristers will know that interpretation of events may make black look white but this one wasn't communicating with the police, had a gun in his hand and was pointing it in their direction.

It is too easy to take the line that more could be done but I would consider the causes as I did on the 5th June this year. People don't get shot at their window unless they are pointing a gun at others. Sometimes they get shot if they are holding an item of furniture. Sometimes they get shot when they are not particularly threatening. However if we could do away with guns we could do away with gun crime and we could have an end to police officers not shooting members of the public. On the other hand we could keep the things the way they are because we can compete in the Olympic Games and support the rural economy.

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