Wednesday, 29 September 2010

More charisma than Gordon Brown

The main item on the news yesterday was Ed Miliband's speech and more importantly David's reaction to it, in particular how David rejected Ed's condemnation of the Iraq war. It probably means that David will not take part in the shadow cabinet which is sad because the rhetoric led us to believe that the brothers loved each other.

I suspect that David knew that he would be seen not clapping enthusiastically when Ed was speaking. It was a definite snub. There is an alternative. David may not have known that he would be seen to snub his brother. Either way the split is there and in the latter case David would look stupid as well. After the speech David was asked about his plans. His reply was that this day had absolutely nothing to do with him. I would guess that he will make headlines tomorrow in which case David can't come out of this well.

The good news for Ed is that one member of the public thought that he had a lot more charisma than Gordon Brown.

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