Thursday, 2 September 2010

Winning hearts and minds

I saw on the news last night that there is a report on the harm caused by alcohol and there is a much greater problem in the north of England. In particular Blackpool was highlighted as having a significant problem. The misuse of alcohol may be a factor in losing employment, medical conditions and higher levels of crime. It seems that if all alcohol-related deaths were prevented, men would be living on average nearly two years more. Perhaps we should be looking at preventing misuse.

I say perhaps, because you have to compare this with another programme shown yesterday evening about Alex Higgins. He was seen as a hero to many, and a lot of famous names were telling us how Alex was a man that we should hold in high regard. There are many examples of stars who were popular but died because their lifestyle was not healthy.

If we want to improve healthy attitudes it is not much use just having an education system in place. We need to win over the hearts and minds of our role models. I think we have some way to go.

Change the world


  1. You are on a loser Mike.
    Alcohol is both a poison and is as addictive as many drugs.
    You shold also include marriage and relationship breakdowns in your list !
    It should be strictly controlled and only sold through Government controlled shops, and pubs with no carry out facilities.
    Higgins was not held in high regard but admired for his skills.

  2. I have taken the OU course called Health and Disease and it doesn't have much to say for alcohol. There are many less dangerous illegal drugs but these are the ones that make the headlines. We have become immune to the harm of alcohol.