Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Marmite of politics

I particularly enjoyed the last contribution on Any Answers yesterday. A staunch Conservative supporter came on to challenge the two answers from panellists who didn't like Margaret Thatcher. She thought that Mrs Thatcher was a marvellous leader and Gordon Brown was a terrible person who has done a lot of damage to the country.

It wasn't the fact that the lady who made these comments chose to be so prejudiced but that she chose to preface her comment with "without being biased at all". Not only has she decided that Margaret Thatcher and Gordon Brown are extreme opposites, but she also has the idea that she has no partiality.

I don't think you have to step back too far to find out that Margaret Thatcher is the Marmite of politics. Some people love her and some hate her. I don't think Gordon manages to divide the nation to such an extent but he does have his supporters and detractors. The point is if you are going to put forward your views on national radio it is probably wise to not say something that is so obviously wrong.

Change the world.

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