Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Call me politically correct

I heard this story yesterday. A couple of pensioners were in the local park picking up litter in front of the people who had dropped it. I don't know if I could do this but it was a brave attempt to . I don't drop litter and I really don't have a problem taking my litter to a bin and I get a sense of satisfaction when my waste is recycled.

There is an addition to the story from the park. A child dropped some litter and their mother shouted for them to pick it up. Then they were told to put it in the bin. Unfortunately the child ran through a flower bed. They were shouted at again, ran back through the flower bed and got a smack for their trouble. Not the ideal training for a politically correct tidy adult member of society.

Call me politically correct but I dislike those who think it is alright to drop litter. They may be keeping council workers employed but I am sure they could be doing something else. I really don't think that most of those who drop litter think that far ahead.

Change the world


  1. Yes, but we live in a world where large numbers of council officials are employed to follow people around and do things like issuing fines for dropping ash from the end of a cigarette. It's gone too far and it's not about making a better world. It's about giving otherwise useless people non-jobs micromanaging our lives.

  2. I look around at council workers now and they are all busy. The jokes about four council workers watching one dig a hole have long gone. There is plenty of productive work out there that would make the world a better place.