Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A blog on a comment

One person wrote anonymously about my blog yesterday and I think it is worth turning what they have written into today’s blog. He or she wrote “ But let's leave out the idea that because we can't (yet?) come up with the full explanation of its creation we can put it down to some supreme being. Balderdash”.

You will notice that nowhere in yesterday’s blog entry did I state or even suggest that we could put the explanation for the creation of the universe down to some supreme being, though now that Anonymous has mentioned it, I have to say that this does seem to me to be the most likely explanation. What truly is “balderdash” is the approach which contemptuously dismisses any ideas we feel uncomfortable about without giving them even a moment's thought, e.g. substituting "balderdash" for reasoned argument.

He or she disagreed with my comment about the hope to change the universe and wrote “we are changing (mostly for the worse) some aspects of Planet Earth - I can't see us getting on to Universe scale”. Every action we take changes the universe in some small way. For instance when anonymous wrote balderdash in response to my comment, the universe (that is, the entire universe, not just this small planet) changed from one in which anonymous hadn't responded to my comment with balderdash, to one in which he or she had. If anonymous or anyone else finds that idea too much to understand then I'm happy to revert to my usual piece of advice, the one with which I sign off every entry in this blog.

Change the world.

P.S. I'll admit that anonymous does make one point which is worth some attention. Please try to make sure that the changes you make are changes for the better.

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