Wednesday, 15 September 2010

An independent Independent

There were a few articles in today's Morecambe Visitor that caught my eye. I may mention others in future blogs but I will choose the article on page two entitled "Evelyn I'm no liar". It concerns the accusation that six Morecambe Bay councillors bullied the town clerk. You can read about it in my blog from Friday 10th September.

According to the investigation there was no bullying, so there was no bullying, but according to Evelyn she didn't lie, so she didn't lie. And that's the situation in a nutshell. One person's talking straight is another person's bullying. It is subjective and open to interpretation. It may be that no bullying was intended but it may also be the case that bullying was perceived. The investigation had the difficult job of coming to a conclusion and regardless of their findings it is still possible that the former town clerk feels that she has been bullied. I presume that she feels this way but hasn't told us.

The leader of the council "urged Coun Archer to apologise to the people of Morecambe". The words salt and wounds come to mind. The problem isn't that people have the ability to criticise but that it got to this stage. Further into the newspaper there is a letter from the six Independent councillors involved in the complaint. It is a strongly worded criticism of Councillor Archer. They point out that she did not follow the party line. Has anyone else noticed the irony that Coun Archer is criticised by the Independent Party for being independent?

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