Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hurting the disabled

I was talking to someone yesterday who had a disabled badge but they had placed it the wrong way and had been fined. I forget how much they had to pay but in a sense it doesn't matter. The people who designed the badge designed it so that it could be only used one way. Why didn't they make it usable whichever way it is placed?

Did the designers deliberately choose to make the badge unusable if placed the wrong way, cause the owners to be liable to a fine and allow the use of the badge to be a money-spinner? How could this possibly be the case when we are dealing with the disadvantaged in our society? Well those who run the badge system aren't stupid so I can only assume that they want to hit the disabled financially.

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  1. A bit heavy to put it mildly - the badge should have been display in the correct manner. Every eventuality cannot be envisaged. Everyone, including the disabled, should take responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming others for what is their error.