Sunday, 26 September 2010

Anecdotal Evidence

What was the news yesterday? What am I going to write about in this blog? Is it the Labour leadership or is it the progress of the facilities for the Commonwealth Games? Well I am going to tell you about a conversation I had with someone who had travelled from London to Preston this week with his wife. They told me they saw people running to catch the train in order to get a seat. The train was full but fortunately they did get a seat.

At one stage on their journey one young lady lay down under their table. At another stage one standing passenger accidentally stood on the foot of a seated passenger. He apologised but suffered verbal abuse and was made to apologise again. The couple that I was speaking to were from Canada so I think our trains made an impression on them.

I took a train earlier this year and my experience was not greatly different. If you were to describe such conditions without naming the country you would think it was the Third World. Still, this is only the story of three people who hardly use the train. Anecdotal evidence isn't strong evidence and I am sure our train service is normally excellent :-)

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  1. I've heard that Manchester to Preston is often overcrowded. The people who are standing have bought a "seat" on the train,perhaps they should get a partial refunbd?
    Also the speeds the train reaches, is it safe to have standing passengers. I know train crashes are noty common in this country, I mean derailments, but the people standing would be most hurt. Why can't they just add an extra carriage or two at busy times?

  2. I'm not sure how the adverts would describe it - "pay more and get injured less"? Seriously, there should be simple answers but for those running the business money is highly influential.