Thursday, 9 September 2010

Who will read this?

My letter was published in the Morecambe Visitor yesterday. What was particularly interesting for me was that I gave a reference in the letter to this daily political blog. I'll make sure I check the stats to see if it made a difference.

Anonymous wrote recently to criticise the number of followers to the blog. I don't know his or her motive in doing so but I would be happy to have one person read it. In fact it is a record of my daily thoughts that I can look back on myself. Letters are generally read by one person, but a few dozen people tend to read this blog on a daily basis so I am very pleased. These numbers doubled when I wrote about Cyril Smith on Saturday so it just shows how popular he was.

Another thing that struck me when I read my letter was how newspapers will have to adapt with technology. Should they mention that people write blogs? I don't think they have much choice but at least local papers have the advantage over the nationals in that local news is harder to find on the internet or television.

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