Saturday, 13 November 2010

County decisions take years

I was looking back at a survey that was carried out in 2006. It related to the speed limit on Broadway, Morecambe which stood at 40mph for as long as anyone can remember but was recently lowered to 30mph. It was an anomaly in Morecambe but it is a wide road and many drivers will feel that they are safe driving at 40mph.

There was a definite split in whether the limit should be lowered. Of those who expressed an opinion, 58% felt that the limit should be lowered. This reflected another question in the survey which was whether the resident was aware of accidents on the road. If they were not aware then they wanted to keep 40mph.

It struck me, and is still striking, that no other political group or politician, including the elected county councillor (who would have been involved in the change) has asked for opinions or even given their opinion. We let the authorities know the results, we heard nothing, and four years later there was a change. This decision was not only taken without consultation by the authorities, but it took years.

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