Monday, 8 November 2010

Something good about football

I was watching the football match between Hibs and Hearts yesterday. With three minutes to go Hearts were winning 2-0 and the Hibs captained was sent off. There were no complaints. What caught my eye was when the injured player was trying to come back on the pitch you could see things thrown towards the player and the commentator said that the police would have to move in.

The player moved onto the pitch away from the missiles and he was called back by the physio. I don't know how dangerous the missiles were. I don't know if it was something that would cause injury, but they did travel quickly. When you have light objects thrown at you in Edinburgh it might be a sign of friendship, but my interpretation is that we have some Scottish fans who don't know how to behave.

It also makes me think how lucky we are that in England we don't have the same problems with fans that we had in the '70s. We may have overpaid players who don't show respect to referees, tickets that cost arms and legs, players who earn more than I don't know what, agents who will take more money out of the game than hundreds if not thousands of league club fans put in, players that are taught to cheat so that they can win games, players that deliberately foul and injury other players, players who think they can say what they like to referees and don't think anyone watching on TV can lip read, lots of money for some clubs and others going to the wall and commentators that think that referees are never right. We may have this list (and a lot more - this was off the top of my head) but at least in England we don't have dangerous missiles thrown at players - do we?

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