Thursday, 18 November 2010

Creating Conflict

All too often parents support their child against the school. When I was at school I knew that my parents would agree with the teacher and that was at a time of corporal punishment. Just to put things in perspective there were no major areas of disagreement and I didn't come across many sadistic teachers, but the point stands. Teachers were able to teach because there was discipline in the classroom.

Compare that with the present and in particular with haircuts. If a headteacher has to impose the school policy and take a child out of the classroom because of a haircut then this teacher is really saying that the parent is wrong to have allowed the child an extreme haircut. Parents know about school policies - they sign home-school agreements - but go out of their way to cause conflict.

This week the headline in the local paper is "Banned from classes for this haircut". I can't quite see the picture but it doesn't really matter. It is about the headteacher's ability to rule the school. "It's ridiculous says boy's mum". What is ridiculous is the lack of support given to teachers. This mother should sit in on some classes and see how pupils behave and maybe then she would think twice about creating conflict.

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  1. The kids who have extreme hairstyles are usually the one's who create havock in class.
    Isolating or excluding the pupil until their hair is acceptable is a sensible choice
    In high school pupils are "stretching their wings"...and many have not been brought up to know what is acceptable behaviour.
    Maybe society is to blame there...but school's promote acceptable behaviour
    Perhaps the parents need reminding of this?