Thursday, 11 November 2010

A referee with married parents

On Tuesday it was really nice to hear Andy Gray talking about two decisions that the referee made during the Stoke versus Birmigham game. He said they were not easy decisions for the referee to make. Compare this with the usual comments I hear when the man in black is mistaken. They are usually along the lines of how could the referee not see the correct decision. The fans response is less polite. They question the eyesight of the referee and for some reason they tell us that his parents aren't married. In this particular case twice in the space of ten minutes the referee gave goal kicks when they should have been corners.

As far as I am concerned the referee is always right even when he is wrong. Referees are on the pitch to make the best decisions as far as they can. They are human and do make mistakes but it was refreshing to hear Andy Gray's support. Maybe this referee's parents are married.

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