Monday, 15 November 2010

Lembit's good publicity

Is all publicity good publicity? Something must attract us to a certain brand of car or any product or service for that matter. Advertisers spend a great deal of time and money to get their message over. I suspect there is something to this advertising business whether it is advertising on television or personal promotion. And that leads me to the latest series of I'm a Celebrity.

Why do contestants choose to go on this show, live in the jungle and put themselves through the bushtucker trials? In particular why would Lembit Opik do this? It is not entirely unexpected that he should do something like this given his colourful past. I met him when he was a panellist on Any Questions in Morecambe. He came across really well and was able to deal easily with all questions. I may be biased but I felt he won the arguments on the radio. I had a few words with him after the programme and this little bit of publicity would have done him no harm for any future election. I didn't expect him to lose his seat last May, so what happened? Within minutes of the result Lembit couldn't give an answer and I haven't heard one since then.

I hope this programme is good publicity for Lembit and he is elected as an MP again. Let's hope he has worked out why his vote went down last time and made the appropriate corrections.

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P.S. The programme is on while I am writing and Nigel Havers may have some advice for him.

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