Saturday, 20 November 2010

Morecambe goes from bad to worse

On Wednesday a new supermarket opened in Morecambe. It is within easy walking distance of my house but you wouldn't walk because you have bags to carry on the way home. So I drove - but walking would have been quicker. We have a problem with congestion between Morecambe and the motorway via Lancaster and to add to this for the last few months we have had traffic problems because they were building the supermarket. This is nothing to the problems we have now. The traffic lights to get you in and out of their car park are causing huge jams.

By coincidence it was also on Wednesday that I was driving slowly through Lancaster to get home and just as I was getting to the Greyhound Bridge to cross the Lune I heard the traffic and travel news on local radio. All the roads in Lancashire were clear - excellent - but the Greyhound Bridge was stop/start. I think you can forget this description, but how do you describe an average speed of 2 or 3mph?

I have heard confirmation on local traffic and travel many times. The road between Lancaster and Morecambe must be the worst road in Lancashire if not the country, and this week it went worse.

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  1. I always find around this time of year you are better walking around Morecmabe, and going into Lancaster is something best done by train or bus. By the time you have waited in traffic queues and found a parking space, and paid you have covered your bus/train fare.