Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Fight corruption

David Beckham hopes that the behind-the-scenes allegations of FIFA corruption will not harm England's bid for the World Cup, and I hope so too. If there is any foundation to the claims then FIFA corruption is significant. In one sense it doesn't matter whether their officials have been bribed with £1 or with £1000 (or even £6m) the principle is the same. They are corrupt. Avid readers will know that I am not a great fan of football. The game itself isn't too bad but the managament and politics of the game leave a lot to be desired. Some would say that just the way money is distributed in the game shows that it is corrupt. This goes under the name of capitalism but the additional words "ugly head" come to mind. It is worse when secrecy, bribery and corruption form part of the criticisms of football.

The main point for me was the criticism of the BBC. How can an expose of FIFA corruption be detrimental to England's cause? Well the answer is that it comes from the BBC but this is not a bad criticism. I would rather support the BBC's fight against corruption than a campaign to bring the World Cup to England.

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  1. On local radio this morning someone made a very valid point about the awarding of the 2018 woprld cup. He quite rightly said that if you support a premiership team ..you will regularly visit the grounds that are to be used, and that he prefers to see "a bit of somewhere else" i.e. not GB when the world cup comes around. He said "that's what makes it special to him.
    And I prefer the football of the 60s, before silly wages took over.