Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Steiner insult to the state?

I was listening to Radio Lancashire a couple of days ago and there was an article about a Steiner school in Lancaster. The woman who was talking about the school was explaining the difference between this sort of school and the usual state schools and one of the differences is that before the age of six we principally learn through play, so they don't formally teach reading until the child is six. At the age of four we are not ready to read and write.

The sentence that took my attention was along these lines: - the evidence shows that particularly with boys, if they are forced to read and write early, they actually get turned off reading and writing.

Now I don't know whether this sentence is true or not but if it is true then it is a fair old insult to state schooling. I would be interested to hear the reply in defence of the state school. Would they say yes you are right, we are wasting our time? I don't think so.

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