Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Labour name-calling

The actions of Harriet Harman are vile and disgusting according to someone who worked for Phil Woolas. According to the BBC website, she was described to her face by one colleague as "a disgrace". Many Labour MPs are coming forward to support Mr Woolas. I am not quite sure what this support means. If it means that he is innocent then I would suggest they look at the evidence and the judges' ruling. If they are giving a character reference for Mr Woolas then they should consider the latest evidence. If they are part of the name-calling then they really should consider their own positions.

Having the right to appeal and being innocent are two different things. I have not heard Mr Woolas say he is innocent. I have not heard him say that he has not told lies. I have not heard him mention any specific allegation and try to argue his case. It is quite possible that he will say that he cannot say anything because the legal process continues, but it does nothing for politics in general and Mr Woolas in particular to hear no specific defence. If he does win on appeal, and I doubt that he will, then it will not be because he has fought his corner as an innocent man. It would be victory on a technicality.

I thought Labour had a problem with one MP. maybe they have a problem with a few others.

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