Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Planned Chaos for Morecambe

I know that it is only three days ago that I wrote about the traffic congestion in Morecambe but I took these photos at 1pm on Sunday and I had to write about them.

Both photos were taken from the same point on Lancaster Road, Morecambe. On the left I am looking towards our new supermarket along with new traffic lights. This traffic is stationary whereas up till now traffic has moved freely. This was not a traffic hot spot. On the right I am half a dozen cars away from the Shrimp roundabout. And this is 1pm on Sunday afternoon! If things were not bad enough before, we are heading for chaos.

I would complain to the council but I think they have planned for chaos. About ten years ago they put traffic lights up at Scale Hall (between Morecambe and Lancaster). I heard nobody ask for them and everyone complained to me. These traffic lights are a few yards away from a Pelican Crossing, you know those precious things that are only put up after years and you usually have to wait for fatal accidents. Well no pedestrians can cross at a few places all within a few yards of each other. In the meantime traffic between Morecambe and Lancaster is crawling.

Change the world


  1. I have been told, by a former colleague, that any requests for traffic lights, etc within Morecambe are usually given, (forgive the pun,) the green light, as by causing traffic chaos is the only way the link road will eventually be built. This seems a silly way of going about things. The former colleague had been told this was the case from someone in the planning department.
    When you think back the thin end of the wedge was putting lights in where Ryelands Park faces Skerton High School, a junction that might have needed some traffic control and a roundabout would have worked much better and been more sensible, but hey, who says planners have to have common sense?

  2. It sounds cynical but feasible. I haven't lived here long enough to remember Skerton before lights, but I'm with you on this. I think mini-roundabouts would be much better.