Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Answers from County Council?

I may write about local, national or international subjects for these blogs and I used a couple of local blog entries as the basis for a recent Focus leaflet. I received a message on the answerphone yesterday from someone who wanted to make a few comment about the points I had made and to make a few of his own.

I won't tell you where he lived, as his first concern was about the effect on his and neighbouring houses caused by the building of a new road. Their houses were built on a flood plain and water is dangerously close to the house when it rains heavily. I have lived in east Lancashire and seen the effects of heavy rain as it flowed along streets making them look like rivers. I have even seen water run through houses. The main difference yesterday was that there were no hills. There were no easy drainage answers.

My first reaction was that the County Council would have assessed the changes to drainage and would have made plans, after all, the road is costing enough. I will be contacting the County Council for their view and I have already written to a local councillor for advice. The person who mentioned this to me feels that I won't get an answer and you can see why he may not get complete support from his neighbours. I'll keep you posted.

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