Friday, 31 December 2010

Christmas trees brought to you by...

I took these photos in early December. Christmas had been going on prior to Bonfire Night and I mentioned yesteday how the logistics of putting up Christmas trees had a lot more to do with commerce than it did with Christmas. I read in today's paper that this particular tree in Lancaster is criticised in one letter because of the barriers and the adverts on those barriers. The author is correct. They look a mess.

What really took my attention was the reply from the Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce who provided funding and put up the adverts. They think that the barriers and signs could be better but the benefactors (I don't think benefactors is quite the right word but it will do) deserve recognition. And then there is a jibe at the author asking for their support next year.

So Christmas is about commerce. It's about recognition of commerce and it's about tacky adverts. I chose this angle in the photo on the right because it is just about the best view. There may well be more adverts now. There are other lights on other trees (and you can just see one on the left) that look really nice. Maybe next year we will know who sponsored them.

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