Saturday, 18 December 2010

A healthier lifestyle

We spend too much of our time in front of the television or sat at a computer. We eat the wrong things and one in five pupils who leave primary school are obese. According to the school measuring programme if you just look at figures for being overweight then there are more than one in three pupils falling into this category. Compare this with reports that we live too long. We are paying out too much in pensions and we simply can't afford these costs.

It is obviously better to be fitter but the benefits do not come along without risk which is not just a risk to pay for pensions. If you want to walk to work then you might get mugged. Play a contact sport and you might get hit (if you are playing it properly). Work yourself to a peak of fitness and you are close to causing illness. You can't push your body to a limit without passing that limit from time to time.

So what is the best answer? It is to motivate people to want to exercise, preferably in a not so dangerous sport. This may include supporting healthier ways to get from A to B, or by promoting sport. Maybe the best way to get the computer nation to exercise is by using computer games. There are quite a few games on the market that promote fitness. Ultimately we have to support a healthier way of life because it is the right thing to do, but you don't do that by telling people they are unhealthy and it seems that at a local government level all the resources we could be employing for a healthier lifestyle are too expensive.

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