Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lancaster's roundabout code

If you take a look at a road map of Lancaster and Morecambe you will notice that there are quite a few roundabouts to negotiate. On one of these roundabouts the road markings have changed in recent years. Locals did get used to the changes but strangers are not aware that the markings don't follow the Highway Code. Even the locals have to be aware that the driver in front of them may not know the area.

You may think that if you want to go straight on, as if you were following the road between Lancaster and Morecambe, then you would be in the left lane. Not so. On this particular roundabout you have to be in the right lane. Late manoeuvring is a common and dangerous experience.

I had not thought about this but when approaching the roundabout and travelling toward Lancaster, if you want to drive into the housing estate (almost a complete 360 degrees) you have to stay in the left lane all the way round. This is a notorious accident zone and somebody has been busy with the white paint. It would be nice to think that accidents have decreased but I just can't see it.

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