Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bring on the link road

Last Monday I went shopping along one Morecambe street that used to be famous for its shops. I didn't take a photograph as the lighting wasn't brilliant (see my photography blogs for photos that I do take) but I would have shown you an empty street at 3pm. It is not a good time to be a local shopkeeper. Partly this is because our spending patterns have changed, but Morecambe is exceptional. The town is by the sea which means that no shoppers are drawn from the west and those from any other direction are hindered by our terrible road system.

I don't think there is a great deal we can do to change the nation's spending patterns and we can't move Morecambe, so the only answer is to improve the means to get here. Bring on the link road. There are many valid concerns about the building of this road but that doesn't include outright opposition.

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  1. I wish the planners had thought more when planning the street in question, as when walking my dogs along it, they keep wanting to walk on the road as well, as there is no clear curb edge.

  2. Does this mean that you recognised Yorkshire Street Sea?

  3. I have a weak is difficult in parts for me to walk as well..although as the pavement ages it beomes easier! (Why they hought it would be pedestrian friendly..I am not sure!)
    Just when your dogs are trained to do what is necessary on the road..not pavement..and there
    is no clear confuses them