Monday, 20 December 2010

Save our superlatives

I am back in Morecambe after three days in London. My trips there and back were uneventful because I left London at 10am on Saturday. If I had left thirty minutes later I may have seen much more snow as when I got home I was hearing reports of our terrible British weather. One BBC reporter was "really scared" as she had to endure a trip from the north to the south of Wales. The weather was bad in parts and I know Wales was affected badly and so too was London and if London is affected then that made the weather atrocious. In fact it was so bad I couldn't bear to listen to this particular reporter who had never been so afraid in her life.

The part of the report that I heard lasted three or four minutes. I don't mind her reporting on the weather. I did mind the emotion and the constant use of superlatives. It turned out that it her journey was delayed by a couple of hours, but it was just a bit of snow. It was no big deal. We need to save our superlatives for important things and get on with driving through bad snow, postponing our journey or at worst being stuck in our cars for a few hours. I think this reporter needs to experience other parts of the world and other hardships.

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