Sunday, 5 December 2010

Morecambe Marina

A large proportion of the Netherlands is below sea level. We have the technology to reclaim land and the Dutch do it very well. We have the opposite problem in Morecambe. We want to reclaim the sea, specifically we want a marina and we have wanted one for years. The ideal time would have been when the speed limit was imposed on Lake Windermere five years ago. Business at Windermere was really hit hard and there was an obvious gap in the market but Morecambe didn't look through that window of opportunity.

In this week's Morecambe Guardian there is a headline "Report revives marina dream". It sounds a lot more sensible to build a marina near the Midland Hotel than it does to build flats there when coastal defences are failing just around the corner in Heysham and Sunderland Point.

Morecambe used to have a boating lake. I remember it well. The lake was man-made with dyke-like walls attached to the prom. The Netherlands would have been proud of us except it didn't hold water. It isn't beyond the wit of man to build a marina in Morecambe. It would be a great attraction and it would be wonderful for the local economy. Many have thought of building a marina but it strikes me we are at least five years too late and who is going to invest in the present economic climate? I won't be holding my breath.

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  1. Southport has had one for years. I expect it helps the economy.
    Mind you, we only need to remember the Blobby Fiasco, to know that chosing suitable/unsuitable projects to back has never been a strength of the council.